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The Fuel Stop


Rialto Square Theatre / Joliet, IL



The Rialto Square Theatre, a magnificent performing arts center, invited me to create a campaign that would introduce their new VIP suite to corporate clients for private parties and business functions.  Since construction on the VIP suite was not completed, the challenge was to find a way to convey an exclusive, upscale image and create interest in the suite without being able to show photos of the actual space.  But first,

The Rialto needed a name and logo for their new hospitality suite.


I created the name, The Suite Life, with the phrase 'At the Rialto' placed under it.  I also was required to incorporate the rather lengthy, primary donor name into the logo.  I achieved this by adding it in an arch around the main typography.  I then tilted the logo to give it a contemporary twist.  Upon acceptance of the logo design, I began writing, designing and printing the other marketing materials needed to start promoting the suite.  In order to convey the uses of multi-purpose suite, I used stock photography to represent the various events the suite could be used for.  Post cards, advertisements, ticket stuffers, theatre signage, banners, posters and outside window murals were produced and installed to meet all required deadlines.


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