Bullet received awards for four different projects from the 2010 American Graphic Design Competition. Those projects were: The Artistry of Joliet 2009 Calendar (shown above left), the R. Berti & Son Contractors corporate logo, the R. Berti corporate identity (shown above), and the Rialto Square Theatre Voluteer Organization logo. The American Graphic Design competition is a highly regarded showcase for the best work in graphic design.

2008 - Graphic Design USA presented Bullet with three American Graphic Design awards for its work on behalf of R. Berti & Son Contractors, Ahlbeck & Company and the Rialto Square Theatre Volunteer Organization.

B U L L E T  P O I N T S


Bullet's Timothy Kump has had
his photography published in
The Best of Photography
hardcover annual book in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

In September 2010, a cover for

Graphic Design USA Magazine

designed by Timothy Kump was

selected as a top ten finalist

in a competition sponsored by

Kodak. Bullet's cover design

featured a photo of the Rialto

Square Theatre taken by Kump


Bullet's identity project for the JJC Alumni Association was featured in the 2009 American Corporate Identity 24 Design Annual.


The American Corporate Identity competition is a highly regarded showcase for the best work in corporate identity.

Bullet's direct mail brochure for The Rialto Square Theatre capital campaign was featured in the 2008 American Corporate Identity Design Annual.  A corporate stationery system for Integrity Audio Solutions was also featured in the Annual.

Bullet's project for -

GoJoliet! was featured in the 2007 American Corporate Identity Design Annual. A logo for McCarthy's Chophouse was also featured in the Annual.

Bullet Communications was invited to submit projects for a series of authoritative Graphic Design Yearbooks published in 2009 by the Madison Organization, a Chinese publisher of high quality design books that are distributed internationally. Firms from Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Tai Wan and many other countries, as well as a select few firms from the United States are represented in the books. Corporate Identities Bullet created for R. Berti Building Solutions, The Rialto S.T.A.R. Program, and Integrity Audio Solutions were showcased in two of the annuals.

Bullet Photo Selected for

Best of Photography 2009

A self-promotion photograph designed and executed by Bullet was a finalist in the 29th Annual Spring Photography Contest sponsored by Canon and Serbin Communications. Bullet was awarded a gold embossed certificate and the winning photo was published in the hardcover book "Best of Photography 2009". The image is an example of a photographic technique called

"light painting".  Bullet also had photos selected for the subsequent 2010 and 2011 Best of Photography books.

Bullet Takes 2nd Place in Prestigious

Design Competition in North America.

Bullet Communications won 2nd Place in the

2004/2005 Stora Enso "What Teams Can Do"

Design Competition - recognizing and celebrating

world-class design and print work produced by the

most talented teams on the continent. The judging

panel consisted of notable design and printing

professionals from across the United States and

Canada. They selected a total of six winners

from 450 team entries submitted. A 3-color

brochure with large embossed logo on cover for Crystal Sewer + Water was Bullet's winning entry.

A direct mail piece Bullet created for R. Berti Building Solutions received an award of excellence from American Graphic Design & Advertising 26. Bullet concepted the piece and was responsible for copywriting, design and printing.

Bullet's project for Crystal Sewer + Water was featured in the 2006 American Corporate Identity 21 Design Annual.


The American Corporate Identity competition is a highly regarded showcase for the best work in identity graphics.

Bullet's own identity is featured in two international design books showcasing the best in contemporary graphic design.

1950's Inspired

Restaurant Identity Featured in The Big

Book of New Design Ideas.

Published in 2004, The IS Design Series is a comprehensive collection of the best work from graphic design firms throughout the world. Bullet Communications has its own corporate identity featured in the IS Identity book as well as the IS Direct Mail book. The IS Design series, published by IS Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong, is intended to showcase the creativity of today's Chinese designers while also introducing readers from the Mainland China to the latest world design trend. Design firms from China, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA are represented. Only 14 American design firms were selected to be included in each book.

A logo and marketing materials designed by Bullet Communications for the IACCE/WCCE Spring 2002 Conference (Hosted by the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce) has received an ACE Award of Merit from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). The ACCE annually recognizes excellence in communications programs from its national chamber members. Bullet designed the conference logo, Save the Date postcard, brochure, and attendee binder graphics.

Bullet Communications had a corporate identity they created for Group Travel, Inc., and an identity for Greg's Body Shop featured in the 2003 American Corporate Identity design book. The American Corporate Identity competition showcases the best in corporate identity.

Tim Scott Kump of Bullet Communications has won the central region Bronze Medal in Neenah Paper's Paperworks Letterhead Design Competition. Kump received this distinguished award for his ability to creatively combine paper, design and printing into a cohesive unit. Kump designed the corporate identity system for Northbrook, IL based Spectrum Engineering.

Bullet Communications designed the award for the American Corporate Identity/14 competition. Over 500 design firms whose work was selected for the annual received the award. American Corporate Identity is an annual international design competition which results in the publication of a full-color, hard-bound annual with more than 320 pages. The competition has become a highly regarded showcase for the best work in identity graphics. The book is published by Watson Guptill, and is distributed overseas to more than 60 countries by Hearst Books International. In addition to designing the award, Bullet's corporate identity work for Computer Systems Institute is featured in the volume.

Bullet designs historic newsletter for ExxonMobil. To commemorate an historic safety record of twelve consecutive months without an injury at the ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery, Bullet was asked to design an employee newsletter which lauded the 600 employees with congratulatory articles as well as company information. Within a one week period, Bullet designed and printed the newsletters to meet the client deadline, which was the day the record was achieved. Newsletters were then presented to employees at a company celebration party.

For complete Awards list and Work Published list, click here.

Bullet Communications had two projects selected for inclusion in the book Letterhead and Logo Design 7, published by Rockport Publishers. Bullet's own corporate logo/stationery system, as well as the logo/stationery system for Stonitsch Construction are featured in the book. The book features 200 examples of innovative and exciting work from well-known design leaders from 12 countries and 70 design firms.

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