Feece Oil Co. / Batavia, IL



Feece Oil Co. contacted me to create a sales brochure for them.  After discussing their marketing needs, I came up with a combination pocket/folder brochure format.  This would allow the client to present company information and provide specific sales sheets or proposals within the folder.  The client liked the idea of being able to customize presentations depending on their customer's needs.  Feece Oil wanted to improve the image of their company by providing more professionally designed promotional materials.  After learning about the various aspects of their business, I photographed their truck fleet and main warehouse and then travelled to different company locations to photograph various types of storage tanks and examples of their on-site refueling services.  I used one of their tanker trucks that I had photographed at a dramatic angle on the cover.  Since the shoot took place during the winter, I had to add a blue sky to the photos during the retouching phase.


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