ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery / Joliet, IL



As part of my job in designing the ExxonMobil newsletter, sometimes

I am asked to provide photos for certain stories.  On this occassion, I had to photograph a speaker as he made his presentation inside a fire station. On this day, it was storming outside, making the station, which had very few windows, very dark inside.  Since I positioned myself on the second floor, looking down on the speaker, I didn't want to use flash and keep distracting the speaker.  So I used camera settings to capture the scene without using flash.  I made the necessary exposure adjustments in Photoshop to brighten up the scene.  At the same time, I had to darken the projection screen considerably to bring out the detail.  In taking the shot, I kept in mind the area in the upper left hand corner that I had to leave 'blank' for the newsletter logo.  I also made sure there was an open area for additional text on the cover.  So I basically cropped the shot in my viewfinder so it would work as a cover.  I also had taken a group photo that I incorporated into the cover with some text.


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