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Bullet Communication's work for the CityofJoliet.com image building campaign began with the creation of a logo and community web site which is intended to promote Joliet, its people and its businesses.  Bullet's slogan for CityofJoliet.com is Discover Joliet and All it Has to Offer(TM), a strategically sound slogan since Joliet has a thriving business community and is exploding as a major entertainment destination in the Midwest.


For cities like Joliet that are competing for skilled workers, businesses, tourists and dollars, image matters.  There is a perception gap between how Joliet wants to be seen and how it is perceived.  Bullet Communications is using design to change the image of Joliet.


Bullet recently turned its attention to creating a brand logo for Joliet.  In developing a brand logo for the city, Bullet knew it was important for the brand to be accurate and not to oversell a promise.  The logo had to be believable.  It also had to have emotional value. Bullet's statement of GoJoliet! City on the Move(TM) accomplishes these objectives.  The brand promise reflects Joliet's excitement and forward progress and states that the positive developments are continuing.


The logo Bullet created for Joliet is intended to boost the city's reputation and give residents a symbol to rally behind.  Timothy Kump, Bullet's President and Chief Creative Officer, says the branding campaign isn't just about image but about inspiring people here to work together to promote the city.


The CityofJoliet.com / GoJoliet! City on the Move corporate identity received an award from American Corporate Identity, an annual competition which recognizes the best in corporate identity.  The branding campaign was published in American Corporate Identity 22, a hard-bound book showcasing the year's winning designs.  The CityofJoliet.com web site was also featured in the Chicago Tribune and the Will County Business Journal.


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